I opened the Law office of David L. Singer in 1990, after 6 years as a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. As an Assistant D.A., I literally tried almost every kind of Criminal case. From traffic offenses and DWI’s, all the way up to Capital Murder’s. In my 22 years in private practice, I have now tried almost every kind of criminal case from the defense side. In total, I have appeared before over 100 criminal juries in many different Courts. I have experience in over 15 Texas Counties, 5 other State’s and Federal Court. In choosing a Criminal Lawyer it is most important to find a lawyer with vast trial experience. The reason being is that even though very few of all criminal cases go to trial, a defense lawyer must be able to evaluate what could happen if a case ever gets to trial. And more importantly, if the prosecutor does not respect your lawyer’s ability to try your case, you may not get a case dismissed that should be dismissed, or a favorable plea bargain when the facts may warrant one.
It is my goal to give all of my client’s quality legal representation for a reasonable price. I understand when someone is arrested they can be made to feel lost in a system of thousands of cases. I know your case is the only case that matters to you. In our first office visit, it is important to me, not only to find out about your case, but to find out the goals and expectations you have concerning your case. I can only be the right lawyer for you if we can agree that your goals and expectations are reasonable, and worthwhile to pursue. I will also clearly explain my fees, so you know exactly what your case will cost from beginning to end. All agreements will be in writing, so there will be no misunderstanding as to what each of our obligations are after I am hired. While I will never promise or guarantee you a particular result, I can promise you that I will work hard for you and use all of my resources and experience to get you the best possible result. If any criminal lawyer ever promises you a particular result, ask them to put it in writing, and when they refuse, call me at 713-521-2618.



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